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SCM Vendor Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor with Secondhand Chic Marketplace!

There is no long term lease and no security deposit. We rent space on a monthly basis (minimum of three months). Rent consists of booth rental fee, which varies by size/location, plus a 13% commission on all sales. We pay our vendors after each sale.

Dealers are selected using a “juried” system. Your application must include photos of items you will be selling at SCM. Email to

There are not a lot of restrictions on what is allowed in your booth. We like antiques, vintage items, and collectibles—90% of your items need to fit within these guidelines. For help in determining what “we” call antique, vintage, or collectible, just ask!

Having a booth at SCM is equivalent to having a part-time job. We recommend that as a new vendor you give your booth at least 3 months to perform. By that time you will know if you like doing this, and if your things are going to sell. We recommend that vendors “work” their booth at least one day of the sale, however you are not required to do so. 

We are only open the first full Friday, Saturday and Sunday of each month. This makes it more of an "event" than a regular shop that's open every day. For this reason, we expect vendors to make sure their booths are very full and have been refreshed from the previous month's sale. 

We collect and pay all sales taxes and credit card fees. You do not need a business license or tax number to have a booth at SCM.

We review all applications and photos thoroughly and keep them on file for 12 months.


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