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Sherri Rohmann

It's a beautiful place. Alot of what you have in your store took me back to my childhood . My heart felt full again . See I lost my mom two years ago due to a tragic accident. Not any fault of her own. An you had something in the store she took out every yr. A tree with light bright colored pegs is what I called it. Well it just made me smile

Katie Bishop

My cousin and I visited here for the first time last weekend. This place is amazing! Clean, organized, and an extremely friendly staff. They had tons of adorable finds for extremely reasonable prices. I am already counting down the days for our next trip here!

Lillian Peters

Purchased an amazing dresser from here. I have a rather eclectic style that varies between rather contemporary and vintage. Since moving I've had my clothes in piles on the floor because I just couldn't decide on dresser to purchase. This was the one I was waiting for. It's absolutely perfect! And the owner of the booth, Joel, was so very helpful.

Robin Wallace Maxwell

This is the cutest store! I can't wait for the first weekend of the month to go shopping here! My husband even likes going here which is a first! The owners are so friendly and everyone is so helpful! Love this lil place!

Tifanie Stephens

Such a cute shop!! There are so many amazing finds win the booths!! The people are so friendly and the owners are wonderful!! Definitely a must stop...

Margaret Ann

Once a month experience worth the wait

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