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secondhand  chic marketplace - recycle,repurpose.recreate....

Unbelievable prices on used and re-purposed furniture, home décor', jewelry, books, lamps, tables, wall art, antiques, chandeliers, crystal, wicker, mirrors, dishes, architectural pieces, collectibles, and much, much more.......
      Our March Event is coming up, get ready for all the new items!

 Friday, Saturday & Sunday

 2nd ~ from 10am - 5pm
3rd ~ from 10am - 5pm
4th ~ from 12pm - 5pm
                      Come Join us!

                    Many new items!

Come in and see our new items!
     Spring is in the air!


Come on in and have a look around! We'll be waiting for you!!
Secondhand Chic Marketplace
(located in Historic Frenchtown)
910 North Second Street
St. Charles, MO 
 Credit cards accepted on 
purchases over $20

All items "as is" "where is"
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